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How does the universe work and how is it connected to you, and your health and well-being? Below is the universal trinity diagram. Have you ever wondered what the universe actually is and where you belong within it?

Ask yourself these two questions: “What is the universe?”, and “What am I?”. The answer is surprisingly simple when you put these two phrases together and remove the question.

Answer: “I am the Universe“.

The Awareness (consciousness) that is looking at these words is the Awareness of the Universe.

The Universal Trinity is a cycle of Creation and Absorption.

The non-physical ‘Source’ creates Akashic Information (Akasha).

Akashic Information Manifests into Physical Energy (the universe). 

Physical Energy is Absorbed back into the Source. 

Absorption creates Awareness in the Source.


Biological evolution and spiritual evolution are one and the same. Reincarnation evolved millions of years ago in early animals as a survival mechanism, by way of retaining emotional memory over subsequent generations, bypassing reproduction. Karma-emotions evolved alongside as a transport system for emotional memory that is coded in malleable magnetic fields.


It has been known for thousands of years in many different cultures that there are certain types of energies that exist within our bodies which are essential for life and the correct functioning of our bodies. These energies have been called various names in the past such as Prana, Chi, Life Force, or Subtle Energy. These types of energies are magnetic fields.

A very important property of these extremely weak magnetic fields is that they are able to hold memory and, therefore, are able to form structures.

Our material physical bodies have organs and systems such as a heart and a blood circulation system. In a similar way, our magnetic field system (bio-energy) also has anatomy such as chakras and meridian systems. This is what we call Bio-Energy Anatomy.

These concepts are not yet part of mainstream contemporary science. However bio-energy anatomy forms part of many ancient systems of healing and medicine.